François Barré

François Barré


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

After 7 years in the Association and 18 months of careful considerations, endless discussions with my wife, partners and AIJA friends, I am proud and excited to share with you that I am a candidate for AIJA’s next First Vice President election this September in Rome.

From my early childhood I travelled around the world with my family, now with my wife and 3 wonderful children. The founding partners of the two main law firms I worked at were proud (overaged) Members of AIJA and immediately fed me with “AIJA Spirit” from the second I became a lawyer.

Needless to say I fell in love very fast with AIJA, and I believe running for Vice President is the highest declaration of love I can make to our Association. I trust that my message and dedication for AIJA will be heard and felt by our Members.

People who know me well know the hard worker behind the smiley face on social media. I am fully dedicated to this association and work hard on a daily basis to promote it as much as I can, through the Membership Forum, with National Representatives and Contact Persons across the world, and I intend to put all my efforts into the task. I will also ensure inclusion and equity in all strategic partnerships and connections we establish throughout my mandate.

It is essential for me to position AIJA as the only voice for young lawyers through an inclusive, modern, international strategy that looks at maintaining credibility and creativity as well as professionalism and trustworthiness. The program for my three-year term is built on SIX INTERCONNECTED PILLARS.

François Barré

You will find each of these pillars detailed in the next pages. I am confident that they will empower AIJA and its Members for the years to come. I would be happy to discuss them with you the next time we meet in person.

As you will see, my program is not a one man show: WE make this association so unique, WE decide how to improve it,



Together let’s establish a truly multicultural environment with a common drive to promote cross-border experiences

While keeping EUROPE as AIJA's nerve central system, I will strive to further drive the ambitious global expansion of AIJA. Our objective should be a shift of the current ratio 80% EU 20% outside of EU TOWARDS A 70/30% IN A 2/3 YEAR TERM.

Capitalising in perfect continuity on all former Presidents’ efforts in the last years, I will ensure a strategic growth of the association to bring the balance closer to 70% through:
The action of regional coordinators;Events for local communities with the help of Commission Officers and local Bars; Mid-term investments in key international hubs worldwide.
The goals must be clear and some strategic decisions must be explained in full transparency to Members and reported to the Executive Committee. While we continue to consolidate and expand in Europe, we should also try to follow 3 main leads:

Water the seeds planted in ASIA and develop the region in continuation with our recent efforts;Make LATIN AMERICA stronger and brighter building further from Rio 2020;Plant the seeds of development in AFRICA (which has shown its potential this year and should also be considered very seriously) with a dedicated event before 2021, starting in most accessible jurisdictions like Cameroon where we already have very engaged members.

And let’s not forget that inclusion and diversity are strengths!


Content is key – let’s never compromise on quality!

Thanks to its Members' involvement, AIJA has proven to have a highly rated academic content.

The overarching theme proved its value during the last congresses, and we all learned about extremely useful things, from Artificial Intelligence in Tokyo, to Globalisation in Brussels, not to forget similar expectations for Sustainability in Rome.

I would like to create a deliverable all Members can receive shortly after a Congress, the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY BOOKLET (both Pdf and limited paper editions) focusing on the highlights of the Congress, important speakers, efficient summary of working sessions. It would be an amazing tool for the following reasons:

A great opportunity for members from the OC, speakers, and Members to get an overall summary of the Congress, show TANGIBLE QUALITY CONTENT to their law firms and keep a high-quality souvenir of the annual congress’ programme;A wonderful MARKETING TOOL for AIJA to promote next events, Human Rights, Best International Future Lawyer Award, First Timers’ experience, and whatever is yet to come;Last but not least a good opportunity for SPONSORSHIP throughout some of the pages of the booklet, to raise sponsor funds and LIGHTEN THE BURDEN OF COSTS for the organizing committees.
I will also support the creation of a taskforce whose objective is to support commission officers, organising committees and AIJA leadership in the development of practical tools and ideas which can increase even more the quality of the academic programme of AIJA events and position our sessions at an even higher level.

Let's make sure our academic content shines through the borders of AIJA!


The change of market in the past years confirms that additional business alliances could be created or strengthened

AIJA has already very smartly invested a lot of energy in the past years to develop and consolidate strong partnerships with other lawyers’ organizations (ABA, IBA, INSOL, IPBA, UIA, as well as National Bars), but I believe we should be even more visionary and try to embrace ADDITIONAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES finding strategic partner organisations in the corporate world:

Strongly developing the work started with the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance; Launching NEW PROGRAMMES with BNI, Academy of International Business and others who could provide new expertise and speakers to AIJA events;Contact THE ASSOCIATION OF CORPORATE COUNSEL (where our former association manager recently joined), to create a great opportunity for AIJA to strongly develop its links with the wider community of corporate counsels.
Ultimately, I want to bring NEW BUSINESS to AIJA members and provide them with more opportunities to MEET POTENTIAL CLIENTS throughout the year.

Let's expand useful networks for our firms, our clients and ourselves!


By its young DNA, AIJA should be one of the leading force for the technological transformation of the profession

AIJA has to be a key player in supporting the digitalization of the young international legal community.

During my mandate, I will recommend the Bureau and the Executive Committee to engage in strategic partnerships to INCREASE MEMBERSHIP VALUE FOR MONEY, and in particular:

A dedicated MYAIJA APP available on any mobile device where members can manage their membership, events and BUSINESS REFERRAL OPPORTUNITIES, the App could allow direct phone call or emailing to the member selected in the directory of the app and smart notification tool for faster referral interaction;The App would be a GREAT TOOL FOR NEWCOMERS, who are not yet “included” in the oh so various Whatsapp groups, it would also be a great opportunity for SPONSORSHIP throughout some categories of the App, to raise funds and lighten, once again, the BURDEN OF COSTS for the organizing committees.Favour AIJA Members’ ACCESS TO TOP NOTCH TECHNOLOGICAL TOOLS (dedicated videoconference systems, upgraded webinars, special trainings for newcomers, lower fares on A.I. technology, etc.).

Let's upgrade AIJA technological tools to bring interaction between Members to the next level!


AIJA is respected for its involvement in human rights awareness. Let’s bring it one step further!

AIJA is not exclusively about making friends developing your network and learning, the association is also respected for its involvement in human rights awareness.

Up to now, many of us ran, others danced, but I think we should try to do even more.

Together with the Human Rights Committee and National Representatives’ input, and capitalising on our long-term friendship with respected Human Rights associations, I would like to:

Benchmark through Members, National Representatives and Contact Persons, situations which would need COMMITMENT FROM AIJA;Structure a PRO-BONO TASKFORCE which shall work hand in hand with one of our partners in Human Rights and report on how the money invested by AIJA is used on a specific task yearly (education, awareness, protection of rights, etc.). See the conclusions of the taskforce Presented and documented by the Human Rights Committee with representatives of the taskforce and HR partner during the yearly Congress’ Voice of the Profession.
Let’s not forget we are privileged and let's help our colleagues who live in more challenging countries where rule of law is threatened on a daily basis.

Together, let's give an even broader dimension to our Human Rights' involvement!


Together, let’s think outside the box, and make AIJA even better than it already is!

Leading a unique organisation as AIJA requires TEAMWORK. The key for a successful and prosperous AIJA lies with EACH AND EVERY MEMBER of our Association, and a continuing discussion of improvement will be the final but permanent pillar of my programme.

Some ideas already surfaced over time when drafting this roadmap based on personal experience, but I am sure much more will come in the discussions I will have with you. For instance:

Gold tickets to actively attending Members, the more you join our events, the cheaper it gets?Guaranteed early bird fee for first year Members during their first year?Allowing a 1-time-per-year event where overaged members and young Members would meet and share and discuss cross-generational topics?
I think it should also be UP TO THE MEMBERS to give their input on what should be made to make AIJA even greater than it already is.

Therefore, I intend to:

Make a BENCHMARK OF MEMBERS' NEEDS, thoughts and ideas once per year through a big Q&A;Recurring themes or bright ideas shall be cross-checked with regards to feasibility, cost efficiency and value for Members and IMPLEMENTED WITH THE HELP OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE; I will also make sure that a TRACK RECORD will be kept on the implementation of best ideas during Annual Congress year after year, show to the Members that they are listened to and understood.
Let's all try to make our association even better than it already is.

You know what? LET'S START NOW!

That's all folks!

Allow me to finish with last informations about myself:

I am a French lawyer specialized in advising company managers in their business in France and abroad. I also developed a specific practice in structuring and implementing investments together with their funding (loans, securities, acquisitions and asset management). I acquired recognized competence in the field of startups, and assists high-growth potential companies throughout their business. My partners and I also provide foreign companies with pragmatic solutions for the establishment of their activity in France.

Please find below my positions taken over the past AIJA years since Barcelona 2012:

2014 National reporter at the Prague Congress
2015 Member of the OC of the Paris Conference “The Art of Negotiation”
2016 Member of the OC and speaker at the Lille Triple Seminar

2016 - 2017 National Representative for France and member of the EC

2017 Best National Representative award received during the Tokyo Congress

2017 - 2019 Co-Chair of the Membership Forum and Member of the Extended Bureau

2018 Member of the OC of the Paris Conference “Sports Law”
2018 Speaker at the Dubrovnik HYC
2019 Member of the OC of the Lyon HYC 2020

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